Cottages of Hope began offering services at its current location at 2724 Washington Blvd in January of 2008 in an effort to provide services in closer proximity to residents of downtown Ogden. In the months that followed, a survey was conducted where 20+ community-based organizations were asked to identify “areas of need” or “gaps” in the existent services. Findings were as follows:

  • Frontline organizations had developed a strong network that met basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter..
  • The working poor still depended on financial assistance in one or more areas and struggle to make ends meet.
  • Educational resources were available, but often unused.
  • Employers were having trouble filling skilled positions.
  • Significant Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) funds were going unclaimed each year.
  • No single program existed that promotes a comprehensive path to individual/family financial stability.
  • The “component” or single service approach was falling short in supporting the achievement of prosperity.

In short, the survey concluded that there was no local program offering a holistic approach to economic independence, financial stability and personal/family prosperity.

Cottages of Hope decided to institute such a program and begin guiding individuals from frontline (basic need) services to greater levels of financial stability. The following objectives were made and are still used to guide the program:

  • Provide ongoing support to households until financial stability is achieved.
  • Bridge the gap from frontline services to higher learning.
  • Bridge the gap from frontline services to employability and upwardly mobile employment.
  • Offer programs teaching households basic money management skills
  • Strengthen frontline activities to increase household prosperity.

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Cottages of Hope was incorporated in 2007 and organized exclusively for charitable purposes. It received 501(c)3 status in June 2008.