Stretch Your Bucks

$tretch Your Buck$ is a free financial seminar series that helps households gain control of their finances. Successful completion of all four classes could potentially qualify you for opening an Individual Development Account (IDA) which is a $3 to $1 matched savings program.


Class Outline

  • Class I – “So You Want to Grow a Money Tree?”
    • What Is Your Relationship with Money?
    • Goal Setting
    • Financial Communications
    • Getting Started. Getting Organized
    • Banking
  • Class II – “Planting the Seeds of Financial Stability”
    • Budget and Spending Plans
    • Saving For Those Who Find It Hard to Save
  • Class III – “The Wise Use of Credit”
    • Credit Basics
    • The Up-side To Credit Cards
    • Credit Reports
    • How Much is Too Much Debt
  • Class IV – “Harvesting the Fruits of Investing”
    • Investing 101
    • Insurance and Risk Management
    • Identity Theft, and How to Prevent It